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Information about bullying online cyberbullying


EDUCATION SCOTLAND - National Improvement Framework in a Nutshell.

The National Improvement Framework was launched by the First Minister on 6 January 2016.

To help parents and carers understand how the National Improvement Framework will help all children and young people achieve their full potential, the National Parent Forum of Scotland (NPFS) have prepared a new nutshell that provides a helpful overview of the Framework.

The nutshell is available to view and download from the NPFS website


Infection Control in Schools.

Please click on the link below for advice on how long to keep your bairns off school when they are ill.

Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings - Health Protection Agency

Head Lice - Information for Parents. - For children and young people




This website contains the complete set of information about the Curriculum for Excellence; it's.strategic vision and key principles of assessment.


Find out more about some of the key areas you will hear of in the course of your child’s learning.


As part of Curriculum for Excellence, aspects of Scotland's education system, including qualifications are changing. At SQA we are developing the new qualifications learners will study.


Useful Information

School Dress Code

(As agreed by the pupil council)

  • DO wear clothing appropriate to the weather.
  • DO have correct clothes for P.E.
  • DO wear clothing that is respectable towards others.
  • DON'T wear high heels.
  • DON'T wear jeans with holes.
  • DON'T wear clothing that is offensive.

School Code of Conduct

Every member of Mid Yell School should respect each other and those around them, treating others, as they would like to be treated.

  • Listen carefully
  • Take pride in your appearance and in the school's reputation.
  • Arrive at lessons on time
  • Be polite.
  • Look after our school.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your belongings.
  • Be kind to others.
  • Work hard and try your best.

"If we follow this code we'll be in a happy mode"

Stationery Price List

Pencils- 15p, Pens 15p, Rubbers- large 35p or mini 10p, Rulers 50p, Pencil sharpeners 10p.

All items available at the office.

School Documents & Forms


Medication Forms:




Shetland Islands Council Term Dates

Clothing Grant and Free School Meals



Internet Safety

  1. The Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to the Internet: Guidance for Practitioners

  2. Back to the Future Supporting Activities: Supporting Activities

  3. Back to the Future Supporting Activities: Supporting Activities


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