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Bridge Building Competition

The Annaul Bridge Building Competition took place in the Construction Department of Shetland College on 5 March 2019.

There were 9 teams, the task included drawing a full size of design and then closely adhering to the design while constructing the bridge. MYJHS chosen design was a standard TRUSS, which has triangular units, and it is considered to be economical to construct because it uses materials efficiently.

MYJHS worked really hard and in result won in the category of best looking bridge!!

Designingthe buildBonniest Bridge

The Jarl Squad Visit 2019

We were lucky enough on Thursday to have a visit from this years Jarl and his squad of Vikings. Jarl James visited the nursery in the morning and then came back after lunch to visit the rest of the school. Lower primary, upper primary and secondary 1 put on sketches for the squad which was enjoyed by all. We would love you to enjoy the squads too so click on the links below.

Lower Primary Squad.

Upper Primary Squad

Secondary One Squad

Lower PrimaryUpper PrimaryThe Jarl SquadSecondary 1S1Trying on the squad outfitScary VikingPeerie VikingsVikingsMore VikingsYet more VikingsVikings and more VikingsVikings ......

Yoga, Gym, Mindfullness-how to look after our well-being

This term, as part of Wider Achievements topic about Health and Wellbeing we took part in yoga sessions with Kate Lonsdale, introduction to gym with David Gear and learned some meditation-mindfulness techniques of relaxation.
There is evidence that being physically active and fit can positively affect how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. It’s not about strenuous training but about being consistent in setting ourselves an achievable goal to do something physical every day, something that we enjoy.
Mindfulness is about being present and being able to listen to what our body is experiencing using all 5 senses. Noticing patterns in our behaviour can help us get back in control over our negative thoughts or signs of stress and anxiety.
Yoga and tai-chi can help with developing awareness of our breathing.
Yoga gym

Abuse, Relationships and Gender Workshop

On the 13th February S3 went to Unst. There, together with the Baltasound S3& S4 pupils, they took part in a workshop organised by Women's Aid. Through discusions and activities they learned how to recognise an abusive relationship, different types of abuse and signs that somebody is being abused. The workshop was part of Life Skills subject and meant to promote positive relationships for the future adult life.

S3 Curling in PE

Due to the icy weather conditions S3 pupils had opportunity to try Curling. Mr Hall creative approch resulted in some great handmade equipment suited for this game. It was a brilliant experience!


Erasmus project

Secondary pupils from MYJHS together with La Reunion, Baltasound, and Switzerland pupils have been thinking about ways of reducing plastic usage. They have been sharing their ideas through Twin space, which is a safe platform to communicate only with people involved in the same project.

They also had a competition for Erasmus logo and we hope to update the results soon!

RSPB visit from Karen MacKelvie

On the 4th Febraury we had a visit from RSPB. Karen MacKelvie came to speak with us about plastic and how it affects the environment. We learned that because plastic is non-biodegradable it will sustain very long time, much longer than any of us. This was a very valuable visit because of the theme of our Erasmus project as well us it made us realise that we all need to help and reduce plastic usage.


Cooke Aquaculture visit

On the 18th January we had a visit from Cooke Aquaculture. David Brown and Michelle Johnson came to speak with pupils about the salmon farming in our local area. They explained the life cycle of fish, the transfer from freshwater to sea, the processing of the fish, as well as modern apprenticeships opportunities and possible career paths with the company.

We would like to say BIG thank you for the kind donation received towards outdoor clothing,

MYJHS with Cooke Aquaculture representativesMichelle Johnson presenting to our pupils locally farmed salmon

Chinese New Year Celebration

Pupils and staff from Yell got together in the hall of Mid Yell Junior High School to celebrate Chinese New Year (??Chunjie) on 31st January.
In the hall hung some banners “fu” which means “good luck” and lanterns as well as Chinese knots.
The assembly started with a show by Upper Primary. They were dressed in smart Chinese costumes and told a tale related to the Chinese zodiac.
Later, pupils enjoyed themselves by shuttlecock kicking and rope skipping. Pupils from Cullivoe did great teamwork and got the first place in rope skipping. Pupils also had a quiz about Chinese culture and some of them got red packets, the symbol of good wishes for rewards.
The most important point is, at the end of the assembly, pupils showed their gratitude by presenting staff with Chinese New Year cards, which is one of the spirits of Chinese culture. Four teachers born in the year of the pig were given stuffed pig toy as 2019 is the year of the pig.
After the assembly, both pupils and the staff enjoyed some Chinese food, including some traditional dishes cooked by Mandarin teacher, including dumplings which Miss June Ward and her pupils helped to prepare.
We had an impressive Chinese New Year. All people presented not only enjoyed themselves but also got a further understanding of Chinese culture.
Chinese New Year Celebration in MYJHS Chinese New Year

Celebration in MYJHSChinese New Year Celebration

Edinburgh Trip Fundraiser

On the 18th January 2019 primary 6&7 held a fish and chips night to raise money for the Edinburgh trip.
A lot of people came and enjoyed it. There were: scallops, fish & chips, southern fried chicken, chicken curry and scampi. There was also deserts: cakes, cheesecake and sticky toffee pudding.
We raised an incredible £1,380.56! Primary 6& 7 would like to thank everybody who supported them. We can’t wait to go on the Edinburgh trip!

Christmas Jumper day

It was great to see everyone in their Christmas jumpers for Save the Children’s Christmas jumper Day on Friday 14th Dec.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Jumper Day

Senior Citizen's Christmas Dinner

On Wednesday the 12th December we held our annual senior citizens Christmas lunch. We had over 60 local folk come to enjoy the delicious dinner which was cooked by Alana and her team. They were also entertained by the pupils who performed, played instruments and even sang a special dialect version of "Away in a manger"– which was beautiful. This years S2 class were on hand to sell raffle tickets, wait on the tables , marshal and show people to their seats.
An enjoyable afternoon was had by everyone.

Senior Citizen's Christmas DinnerSenior Citizen's Christmas Dinner

Senior Citizen's Christmas DinnerSenior Citizen's Christmas Dinner

Angela Mouat meet with S1 & S2

Angela Mouat is a Science Technician based in Lerwick. She came to speak with S1 and S2’s about plastic and the importance of looking for alternatives that could effectively substitute plastic in the future.
The reason for it is that only 2 out of 7 types of plastic we can recycle (PET– water bottles, and HDPE– milk, shampoo containers).
The other types: PVC (cling film), LDPE (crisps packaging), PP (fishing nets), PS (disposable cutlery) will end up in landfill eventually.
(In UK 2.5 million tonnes of plastic goes into landfill every year!)
Furthermore as we look at the different items made out of plastic it becomes apparent that there is no clear marking, as to what types they are. Many of these items are contaminated with the harmful microplastic according to Mrs Mouat but customers can’t make informed choices if they simply don’t know about it.
Mrs Mouat told us also about a method that has been developed in Japan in 2010 and it’s about converting the plastic into oil. She was able to give us a demo of this process, which uses pressure, steam and temperature to breaks down plastic and indeed- it resulted in a waxy residue.
We learnt about an AHS teacher who decided to challenge herself and went 1 year plastic free. It turned out to be very difficult as she realised how many plastic products she is using everyday, like the favourite glass jar of peanut butter that had the little plastic seal around the lid, toilet paper packaging, shampoo bottles, tooth brushes etc etc..

Tesco Tokens

Every two months Tesco grants money to 3 local projects. Mid Yell Junior High School Outdoor Project is shortlisted for a cash award this time.

Please show your support while shopping in Tesco!

Christmas Shopping Night

On the 22th November the school held a Christmas Shopping Night. We had over 20 stallholders including local crafts folk like Yala jewellery, Glansin Glass, Belle’s knitwear and many more. P6/7 had a variety of activities on offer for everyone to enjoy on the night, including a lucky dip, bottle stall, Christmas wordsearch and a Christmas anagram. All the proceeds from their hard work are going to go towards their Edinburgh trip.

We would like to thank everyone who took part donating and attending this event, we raised £539 for the Edinburgh Trip and £897 for the school !!!

Christmas Shopping NightChristmas Shopping Night

Switch Off Fortnight

The Eco School’s Energy team initiative involved MYJHS in Switch Off Fortnight between 20th of November and 4th December.
Natalia, Jodie, Laila, Lola, Jasmin L and Amanda monitored the improvements in switching off lights, computers and interactive whiteboards whenever they are not in use.
They also prepared indoor and outdoor “energy Hunt/Quiz” .

Batten Doon da Hatches

On Sunday the 18th November we had a "batten doon da hatches day". We managed to dig up the hawthorn bushes and prepare them for the Christmas Shopping night sale. We also dug the yard, laid carpets and put away new polycrub, that will be set in the spring. Big thank you to everyone who attended!

batten doon da hatchesbatten doon da hatches

WW1 Afternoon

On Thursday 15th November, the Upper Primary invited their family members into school to share with them their learning about World War One. All members of the class contributed towards presentations followed by an explanation of the different areas of learning they had taken part in. The upper primary were delighted that so many members of the community supported this event and would like to thank everyone who came. In particular, a huge thanks must be paid to Annette Jamieson who supported them greatly with this topic.

Silver sportscotland School Sport Award

Mid Yell Junior High School received the Silver Award for an ongoing commitment to self evaluation and continuous improvement as well as for putting young people at the forefront of the decision making, planning and implementation processes around sport and physical activity.
The award is also recognition of an ongoing effort to increase the opportunities and engagement in physical education, school sport and leadership and provide clear pathways to life-long participation in sport and physical activity for young people.

Growth Mindset

As part of our School Improvement Plan 2018-2019, we are focusing on developing a Growth Mindset ethos within our school and would like your support with this at home. 
The concept of growth mindset has been widely researched and is linked to raised attainment.  It is believed that the most successful learners embody a growth mindset whilst some learners do not believe they can ever be successful.  We believe that through encouraging pupils to develop a growth mindset, both at home and at school, they will become more resilient in facing challenges and have a more positive approach when learning something new.  We would like to encourage all our pupils to believe that if they try hard and persevere, they can achieve success.

Throughout the school year, we will have a monthly growth mindset focus.  We will discuss this at assembly and encourage pupils to embody the focus throughout the month, and beyond.  We will also supply each pupil with a small growth mindset table for their homework diaries to encourage this out of school.
October – Everyone can learn!

November – I am a valued member of this learning community!

December – We love a challenge!

January – Feedback is a gift – accept it!

February – A goal without a plan is just a wish!

March – Mistakes are opportunities for learning!

April – There is a difference between not knowing and not knowing yet!

May – I’ve got this!

June – A new day is a new opportunity to grow!

Shoe Box Appeal

We would like to thank all parents that kindly donated items for the Shoe Box Appeal this year. P7 pupils prepared and wrapped many boxes, families and local people also donated boxes and a total of 29 boxes were sent away with hope that they will make somebodys Christmas more special.

Shoe Box Appeal

Reading for Secondary Students

All secondary students have a reading book that they carry with them. In English, they start each lesson with 10 minutes private reading. Teachers and the support staff also read to show that it is a skill for life.

It would be great if you could ask your child about what they are currently reading and support in giving opportunity to read.

Anti-Bullying Week

On Monday the 12th November we held an Odd Socks Day for Anti- Bullying Week.

Poggle by Barrowland Ballet

On the 14th November MYJHS Nursery Bairns went to Unst Leisure Centre to watch Poggle by Barrowland Ballet.

The story was about Vince who wanted to explore the forest but was too scared to go on his own. He meets Poggle who is a friendly creature that encourages him to go on an adventure and after they find a magical tree he is not afraid any more.
The Bairns thoroughly enjoyed the show and found it very funny. They were even invited on stage to help cover Poggle up to sleep and explore the various boxes that made up the scenery!

After the show Bairns visited Baltasound Nursery where they played together with their peers.

Girls football

Mid Yell Junior High School’s Girls Football team travelled to the 60:40 centre at Clickimin to have their first match against AHS. Their Captain, Connie Dickie, put the girls through their warm up before the match and did a great job on the day. The girls played brilliantly and even though they lost it never dampened their spirits and they sang the whole way back to Yell. Well done lasses!!

Girls FootballGirls Football

Girls FootballGirls Football

Italian Night

On the 7th November pupils were working alongside LJ's staff to run the restaurant for an evening. Parents and members of the community were invited to enjoy an Italian menu. The concept of this experience was to help pupils in understanding the specific working environment and challange them in planning as well as work in a team in a real life situation. Pupils were divided into groups depending on the subjects they are taking. Those who take Home Economics created the menu including special dietary needs, while Business Management pupils were involved in planning the event, budgeting etc..

Kieran- Project Manager

Calum- Assistant Project Manager

Olivia- Hospitality Liaison

Jake- Accountant

Kerry- Marketing and PR

Jonathan- Customer Service

James- Business Plan Writer

Georgia- Record Keeper

Ronan- Table planningand decorations

Carly, Kimberley, Melissa, Leah, Connie, Ben, Kyle- Hospitality Team

Italian NightiItalian Nightitalian nightItalian Night

Nova Innovation

On the 6th November we were visited by Nova Innovation, who came to speak with S1&4's about under water turbines.

Nova Innovation are global leaders in tidal energy, using ebb and flow of tides to generate energy .

Their first turbine was developed in 2016 and it was the first offshore tidal array in the world to deliver electricity to the grid. There are 3 turbines in operation and plans for this to be extended up to 6 more turbines.

Nova Innovation visitNova Innovation

Big Scottish Breakfast STV Children's Appeal

S2's helped to organise “The Big Scottish Breakfast”. This event took place on 05 October 2018 from 0845 - 0915. All school pupils and staff were welcome to have breakfast together to raise money for The STV Children’s Appeal. A selection of bacon rolls, toast with various toppings, a variety of cereals as well as fruit juices, milk or hot chocolate were enjoyed. Afterwards S2 pupils also helped with the washing up. The morning was a great success and as a school we managed to raise a total of £238.44 !!
big breakfast STV Children's Appeal


Young Shetland Writer Award

The Young Shetland Writer Award is run by Shetland Library every year. There are 3 age categories, as well as an additional prize for best piece of writing in Shetland Dialect, which this year was won by our P7 pupil- Teagan Johnson!!!

Well done Teagan!!!!


Nick Sharratt

On 13th September our primary pupils went to Baltasound School in Unst to see Nick Sharratt, British author and illustrator of children's books. Everyone had a great day.

Nick SharrattBalancingNick Sharratt

Secondary Football Tournament Champions!

The annual secondary football tournament was held at the Clickimin Leisure Centre Complex on Tuesday 11th September 2018 in wet and wild weather conditions.

Mid Yell Junior High School and Baltasound Junior High School entered a combined team. There were several teams entered, with each team playing each other once.

The North Isles team did very well, winning four, drawing one and losing only one of the group games. This meant that they qualified for the final against Anderson High School.

After some excellent football being played, the full time whistle was blown without a goal to separate the two teams and penalty shootout was needed to decide the winner. North Isles managed to hold their nerves and won the shootout 3-2.

Special mention to Yann Mouat and Ben Lawson for converting their penalties under pressure.

The tournament referees commented that all the players showed excellent sportmanship throughout the meet. The players all demonstrated an excellent attitude, and were determined to carry on regardless of the poor weather conditions.

Well done to all involved!!

Extreme Redd Up

The whole school took part in Extreme Redd Up. Pupils went all over Yell to clear up the beaches, they collected many bags of rubbish.

GaltigarthKirkabister Otterswick

County Sports

On the 5th of September Calum, Jonathan, Ben, Dylan, Connie, Carly, Honor, Martha, Phoebe and Lily took part in long distance running, throwing and jumping events in Clickimin. Everyone had fun !

Nae Pasaran by Felipe Bustos Sierra

On the 28th of August, S3 & S4's went to Mareel to watch Nae Pasaran, a film tellinga true story of Scots who managed to ground half of Chile's Air Force in act of international solidarity against Pinochet dictatorship. We also meet the survivors and laern the Chilean side of the story .

In 1974 workers at the Rolls Royce factory refused to carry out repairs of engines that were used during brutal military coup in 1973. They manage to withstand for 4 years, but one day the engines disapear...

Dynamo Earth

This term we had 3 science workshops!

Generation Science - Robo Constructors, rules of robotics and logic. We used critical thinking, teamwork and problem solving skills to complete given challenges.

Generation Science Workshop12




Afris Astronomer from The National Schools Observatory. He showed us how to use LTImage to view and analyse images from Liverpool Telescope.


Afris AstronomerThe National Schools Observatory2

Science Ceilidh, FiddleBrain- workshop with neuroscientist Lewis Hou about the effect music has on our brain. Science of music, physics of the instruments and knowledge of body movement, senses, brain exploration.

Lewis HowS2 classS1S1S1

Confucius Launch

On Tuesday May 1st we had a very special event to mark the launch of the North Isles Confucius Hub. We were extremely homoured to have the Ambassador for China, Mr Liu Xiaoming, open the hub. He was very impressed with the pupils of all 3 Yell schools who performed a variety of Chinese and Shetland songs and dance. Mr Lawson presented our visitors with gift bags containing lots of Shetland goodies and a special Glansin Glass was given to the Ambassador to remind him of the beautiful sea in Shetland.

Ambassador for China Confucius LaunchMid Yell Lower Primary PupilsConfucius Launch 1Ambassador being gifted a Galsin Glass dishGifts for the visitors

Music Festival 2018


This years music festival was for primary classes. Our lower primary class entered a choir, the Mid Yell Mini's, who sang a Shetland song "Farewell to Yell" and looked amazing all dressed in theri Fair Isle ganzies. They were so brilliant that they won Gold. The upper primary group were called the Mid Yell Golden Wonders and their song was "House of Gold" and quite apt for their name, they won Gold. Well done to both classes.

Lower Primary - Farewell to Yell

Upper Primary - House of Gold

Lower PrimaryLower Primary 1The Golden WondersUpper primaryUpper primary 2Upper primary 2


Up Helly aa 2018

On Thursday 22nd February Mid Yell JHS had a visit from Jarl Balder and his squad of 12 men, 2 maidens and 7 junior members which included our very own Hansen, Lewis and Nicholas Tulloch. They came to visit the nursery first and after having their lunch at the school they then attended a special UHA assembly where the lower primary sang them french songs and the upper priamry and S1 put on sketches which the Jarl aquad seemed to enjoy. They presented the school with a mini shield and thanked everyone for all their hard work.

The Nursery waiting in anticipation for the arrival of the Jarl squad. Our head teacher is a member of the squad.The Tulloch mini vikingsThe Jarl Squad

End of Term Activity Days - Summer Term Beach Day

On Thursday 29th June the whole school had "Activity Day" , the primary all went on a beach trip accompanied by a large amount of the secondaries too. They went to West Sandwick beach here in Yell and had a terrific day, the sun was shining and everyone enjoyed a number of activities and a dip in the sea.

WEst Sandwick Beach Team GamesBeach PlayBraving the seaThe children made a beautiful mermaidCollecting pebblesSnack timeWork of Art B for Breckon

Bring your bike to school day.

Two of our secondary pupils (Kieran Johnson S2 and James Smith S1) recently organised a "Bring your bike to school day". They met with Mr. Lawson and organised the day complete with different activities and refreshments, they even asked PC Findlay to come along to make sure everyone kept safe. They wrote to parents to inform them of the day and encouraged everyone to bring their bikes. On the day the number of bikes to see parked outside the leisure centre was a sight to behold. Fit 15 was done on the bikes and everyone had a fantastic day. A huge well done to Kieran and James and we can't wait for the next one.

Bikes parked outside the leisure centrePC Findlay and some of our pupilsFit 15 on our bikesTricks on the bikeFit 15Tackiling the obstacle course


Thursdays at Mid Yell

Every Thursday during term time, pupils from Cullivoe and Burravoe school come to Mid Yell to access the library and PE lessons in the leisure centre. Cullivoe also have their lunch with us and then we all get time to play together.

Mid Yell JHS and Cullivoe pupils playing together. 234

Walk 4 Wildlife

Friday 19th May - Today at 2.15pm we took part in the School’s Walk 4 Wildlife 2017. A truly unique event which took part all across the UK. Thousands of school children attempted to set a new Guinness book record. As well as attempting to set a new Guinness book record, schools are hoping to raise money for wildlife protection and conservation. The Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary invited us to take part. If you would like to make a donation to the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary here is the link . We also have sponsor forms at the school for anyone who wishes to take one. Thank you.

Walk 4 Wildlife24567


World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2017

World Book Day 2017

Up Helly Aa 2017

This year the Jarl was our head teacher, Mr Mark Lawson. He came to visit the school along with his squad of 15 men and 5 princesses. Some of the classes entertained the Jarl squad with squads of their own. They also had their lunch at the school of Mr. Lawson's favourite school dinner, Stovies. There then was a football match between the Jarl squad and MYJHS boys and girls.

Up Helly Aa Squad 2017Mr Mouat and mini Mr MouatThe children meeting the Jarl Squad.

Click here for the video of the Lower Primary Squad

Click here for the video of the S1 Squad

Click here for the video of the Upper Primary Squad

Christmas Jumper Day

Friday the 16th December was Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day. At our school there was an amazing collection of fantasic jumpers and we raised £135.43.

Christmas Jumper day

Christmas Concert 2016

The Christmas show this year was performed by the Primary and Nursery department and was called "Santa's on Strike". After the show there were a number of musical items. S1 played "Here comes Santa Claus", S3 along with Sarah from S4 played a Christams Medley, the Choir of staff and pupils sang "Wake me up", then there were a number of African drumming items with Joy Duncan and classes from primary and secondary, Da Mirrie Dancers played Loch Lomond and then there was a reprise of the show finale and we finished off with everyone singing along to "Let's spread the word". An enjoyable night was had by everyone and the pupils were brilliant.

Christmas show 1Christmas show 2Christmas show 3Christmas show 4Christmas show 5Christmas show 5hristmas show 7hristmas show 8Christmas show 9hristmas show 10Christmas show 11Christmas show 12Christmas show 13Christmas show 14

Christmas Dance

We would like to invite you to our

1950’s School Dance

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Dress code – 1950’s Clothing or Formal Clothing

Image result for 1950 elvis presleyTime – 2:00 to 3:30pm

Image result for grease pink ladies logoAll Pupils and Staff Welcome!

Hope to see you there !!

Image result for grease t birds logoImage result for Grease logo








Kyle Williamson in S3 has raised £431.17 for CLAN by wearing pink for a week at school. He said that if he got to his target of £150 he would get his hair dyed. As he exceeded his target Kyle is now looking great with pink hair. A big well done to Kyle for deciding to do this.

Kyle wearing all pink Kyle with his hair dyed pink


This year we were able to give 37 shoeboxes to the Shoebox Appeal, a huge thank you to everyone who donated a shoebox or items for upper primary to make up shoeboxes.

Upper Primary with the shoeboxes.



A fiddle workshop was held in Mid Yell School on Monday 19th Sept. After the workshop there was a peerie concert. The workshop was with Gordon Gunn who has been described as "one of the most exciting and innovative fiddle players of the times”

Gordon Gunn and Margaret ScollayNorth Isles School PupilsPupilsFiddle Workshop


As part of our school’s commitment to promote healthy lifestyles, we have decided to participate in the ‘Fit Fifteen’ health improvement programme. The programme involves all pupils from Nursery to S2 having 15 minutes active time every day.  We are planning to take the children outside for this as much as possible, we have identified a track for them to walk around our school grounds. 

Studies have shown that 15 mins exercise a day can lead to a number of health benefits, we also hope that by doing it regularly it will become a habit and the children will continue to exercise on a daily basis.

Mr Hall measured a track around the school which is 0.5 miles and pupils try to complete as many laps as they can in the 15 minutes. All the daily miles are logged by Kieran and Leah (S2) and then the route is being tracked from Muckle Flugga to Land's End.

Lori Ann, Teagan and YannMrs Coutts and KaylanKyleMelissa and EathieJoeOlivia races Callum



The Baldy theatre Company recently visited the School to teach S1 about road safety through Drama. The play was based on the "9 lives of Roddy Hogg" and went through his life from him being a baby where he avoided accidents up until he was a teenager when he sadly lost his siter in a road accident. Later in his adult life he became a fireman to help at other road traffic accidents.

Roddy as a babyRoddy and his sisterRoddy and his friends at school.Roddy as an adult

Virtually Safe, Virtually Sound

The Mid Yell Junior High School recently hosted a #Virtually safe Virtually Sound day long event, which brought together the secondary school pupils from Mid Yell and Baltasound Junior High School. The event itself contained several workshops—Safe Mates, Positive Relationships, Mentors in Violence Prevention, Drama, Dance, CEOP Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.
The workshops provided the young people with clear guidance around using the internet safely, along with the knowledge to know what to do if they found themselves in tricky circumstances.

Participants and workshop leaders.


Click HERE to see the latest edition of the school newsletter!!Nursery Graduation

Monday 27th June was the day we said Goodbye and Good Luck to some of our older nursery bairns. They will be starting at Mid Yell, Cullivoe and Burravoe Primary schools after the summer. They performed a fantastic "Graduation" song, and each received a unique certifate to remember their time at Mid Yell Nursery.

Evie TullochLily SmithHansen TullochMark HenryAva NicolDylan Sheach-MosedaleMarah MannRiley Strachan

Nursery Graduation Song

S4 Leavers Dinner

On Friday the 17th June we held our S4 leavers dinner at the west Sandwick Hall. This is an evening when staff cook dishes and bring them along for a buffet style supper with our leaving S4's. It was a lovely evening and we all wish them well in their next stage of Education at the Anderson High School and Hostel.

2016 leaversStaff and S4

Erasmus +Project - Trip to Andalusia

Project Logo

Ten ambassadors from Mid Yell JHS Erasmus+ project "Treasure" travelled to Cortijos Nuevos in Spain. This was the last of 3 journeys connecting 3 far flung places : Yell, Reunion Island and Cortijos Nuevos in Andalusia. Ten Spanish families hosted one of our pupils as well as a French pupil from Reunion Island. Communication as a result was multilingual and although our pupils don't learn Spanish at school they became aware that, thanks to their knowledge of French, they could pick up some Spanish. Most had also been motivated to learn some Spanish basics beforehand.

The week started with a quiet weekend and us getting our bearings around Cortijos Nuevos a small rural village, in the middle of Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park.

On Saturday most gathered at the pitch for a game of Bolos Serranos, a traditional bowling game. Mike McDonnell who accompanied the group thought making one using the buoy of a fishing net and carving 3 mingos (pins) out of wood would be fairly straightforward.

On Sunday a number of hosts and their guests walked to the source of Rio Mundo before lunch in a local restaurant.

We got up early on Monday to go to school. During assembly, several of our pupils played a tune which Peter Wood wrote especially for our project. We then heard a Reunionese Sega version as well as a Spanish version. David Gonzalez, the history teacher made a presentation of the natural park. Then 3 groups alternated between a soap making workshop using olive oil, a visit of the school garden and poultry and a book fair. After a half hour morning break we headed to the Town Hall of Segura de la Sierra for a welcome by the Mayor and an Andalusian breakfast. We were then accompanied around the town with a guide and learned how the Moors and the Christians fought for power there. We ended up at the impressive castle at the top of the village overlooking the surrounding area. We had a lunch of migas traditionally made there with flour rather than fried breadcrumbs. Come the afternoon, which in the mind of Spanish people starts between 4 and 5 o'clock, we made our way to Hornos the nearest village to Cortijos Nuevos. There, we met the Mayor and walked to the the Cosmolarium at the top of the village. Come night time we were able to see Mars and 3 moons of Saturn very clearly.

Tuesday was an active yet very relaxing day by the Guadalquivir River near El Tranco reservoir. Pupils got involved in outdoor activities such as Orienteering, Archery, Kayaking and Zip-lining.

On Wednesday we drove to Baeza and Ùbeda, two towns of World Heritage Status since 2003. They have many Renaissance style buildings but a lot of the narrow streets also have a Muslim feel to them, a very interesting area.

On Thursday we followed the river Borosa with two guides from a local association. They provided us with interesting information about the biodiversity of the site. We picnicked by the crystal clear waters of the river sharing tortas. The Shetlanders were the only ones with David from Reunion Island who couldn't resist going for a swim. In the afternoon we took a train through the Parque Cinegetico where we saw mountains goats, deer and rescued birds of prey from the area.

On Friday a caricaturist spent hours drawing pupils and staff to the amusement of onlookers. Simultaneously, there was also a demonstration of drones organised by the International Air Festival. We then took part in an olive oil tasting session and finally went to an event dedicated to the 5th June World Environment Day. There, we saw crafts using local resources such as basketry, a working solar barbecue and information about local flora and fauna.

At the end of the morning we watched a slideshow of photographs from Shetland in June 2015, from Reunion Island in November 2015 and our time so far in Andalusia. It was an emotional time for most and interesting to see how different nationalities deal with those emotions !

Parents and staff had organised lunch at school. It was an impressive spread ! Music was played songs were sung and dancers went from the Macarena to Baila Conmigo, a favourite throughout the trip.

The last weekend was dedicated to the International Air Festival or FIA as it is known in Cortijos Nuevos, a gathering of hundreds of paragliders. It was a family orientated relaxed but for some, daring event.

On Sunday 4X4s drove us to the top of El Yelmo the 1800 meters high mountain where paragliders took off from. On the stage of the FIA, the Spanish officially presented their Erasmus comic, one of the intellectual outputs of the project, focusing on litter. The comic from Reunion Island focuses on light pollution and its effect on the "Mascarene petrel" The Shetland Comic about marine plastic will be presented to primary schools in Yell as well as the Yell Agricultural Show after summer.

As a pupil summed it up : “It’s been a brilliant week and I'm really sad it's over. I want to do it all over again. And not just Spain, I want to do the whole project again ! It's been such a wonderful experience and I've made so many friends for life ! If anybody else ever has the chance to do a project like this, don't even hesitate. It's an experience you will never forget."

As a teacher I love the fact that pupils have become more confident using foreign languages but also generally more resilient, tolerant of other cultures and more aware of their own identity.

The website of our Erasmus+ project "Treasure", still under construction, is :

Isabelle Boulay

Mid Yell Ambassadors

Fit for Girls - Climbing Wall

On Friday May 20th Linda Thomson, Michelle Morris and S2/3 girls went on a trip to the Clickimin leisure centre to have a fantastic lesson from Andy from Climb Shetland on the climbing wall at the Clickimin. The girls really enjoyed themselves and achieved some amazing climbs, even Linda and Michelle had a shot.

All the girls.

Learning to put on the harness.Putting on the harness.Mia CLIMBING THE MIDDLE CLIMB.Freya making great progressChristina almost at the top.Charlotte judging where her next move will be.Lana did great too.Caitlin reaches the top - no problem.Melissa did brilliantly.Kirsty making it look easy.Michelle almost at the top.Linda made it to the top of the middle climb.


S4's Fundraising for the Confucius Trip

A group of 6 of our S4's have got the opportunity to travel to China for 10 days in the summer holidays as part of the Confucius project. They have been busy coming up with some ideas to fund raise to help towards the cost of the trip. They put on a "soup and sweet" afternoon in the Cullivoe Hall on the 1st May, and also a raffle that was drawn on the day. They managed to raise £714.12. They have also put out a "Find the Word" competition, so please everyone look out for this in your local shops.

Drawing the raffle

The Swan Trips

Last week some of our classes were fortunate to be able to go out for a trip on the Swan, below are some photo's of the P7's and the P3&4's.

Class P7 Class and crewHelping with the sails

All around the tableTrying out the bunksP3 & 4

Hoisting up the sailWorking with the ropesMac

Taking turns at steeringHarrison steering the shipEveryone had a great time

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Scotland

Yesterday, S3 pupils from Mid Yell and Baltasound Junior High Schools had to pitch to a group of judges to be able to receive £3000 for their chosen charity. In a Dragons Den kind of format the groups from Mid Yell chose Yell charities, one group chose Peerie Breeks and the other the Yell Support Group while Baltasound chose more Shetland wide charities Mind your Head and Shetland Deaf and hard of hearing club. They all had to give a presenation to the judges and audience about their charity and explain why £3000 would be of benefit to them. After a lot of deliberation the judges announced the winners. The charity that won £3000 from Yell was Peerie Breeks after an excellent presentation by Reece, Havanna, Sarah and Jayde. The charity from Unst which won was the Mind your Head group. Callum McSween from the YPI presented the cheques to the winning groups. He commented on the excellent presentations and congratulated the young folk on their research and hard work.

The winning Team S3 pupils


Loving Hands Shetland

All donations can be dropped at the Mid Yell Junior High School before Friday 17th June, thank you.

Shetland Logo

To whom it may concern,

Last May/ June I collected 4 pallets worth of children’s warm winter clothing which was taken to Nottingham to the charity Operation Orphan for their Keep A Child Warm Project by JBT. Once there it was sorted, boxed and distributed to Moldova, Ukraine and Sierra Leone. In October I joined a team from Operation Orphan to go to Moldova to help distribute the clothing to over 1000 children. I was able to identify items donated from Shetland when I was there, in particular blankets that had been donated. You can read my blog on the trip here:

I am again asking for donations of hats, gloves, scarves, jumpers and especially winter coats. They do not have to be new, but we do ask that they are in good, clean condition. Operation Orphan are hoping to clothe 3000 children for this winter, a further 1000 in Moldova and 2000 in orphanages in Ukraine. The cost of a child’s coat in Moldova is about half the average monthly income so a donated coat relieves the burden of providing one from the parents and means they can buy fuel or food with the money instead.

Donations can be dropped off at the Mid Yell Junior High School. If it is possible, please box up donations as this will make packing them much easier. Donations will be driven to Nottingham by my husband and myself in late June/ early July.

Many thanks,

Julia Odie

You can see a video of last year’s distribution here:

Other blog posts to show the impact this help makes:


Wear a hat day amd Primary Dodgeball

S1 organised "Wear a Hat Day" on Thursday 24th March in aid of Brain Tumour Research. To date they have raised £318, well done to all of them and Laura Guthrie. On the same day we had a primary Dodgeball competition which was organised by the Young Ambassadors (Freya Hannay and Lizzie Colclough) they had some help from their classmates, a big well done to S2 and all the Yell primary children.

Primary DodgeballIn actionDodgeballDodgeball 1Dodgeball 2Wear a Hat day


S2's visit to the Baltasound Junior High School Careers Day March 2016

Having lunch in one of the classrooms.Over view of the HallSpeaking to Miss Smith about being a Primary School TeacherTrain ShetlandCrofting & AgricultureNAFCAquacultureConstructionNursing

Our Trip To La Reunion Island

MYJHS would like to invite everyone to a presentation on "Our Trip to La Reunion" on Thursday 18th February : 2 pm to 3 pm

Pupils of our Erasmus + project will talk about their trip to Reunion Island and show you photos, video clips, crafts they’ve brought back. You will also be able to taste some local specialities like “Choca” and “Bonbons Piments”.

La reunionCollege Le Dimitile



Having Fun in the Snow.

Primary PlaygroundFun in the Snow


There are new Adult Learning Classes starting at Mid Yell JHS soon. Click here for more information.

Christmas Dance 2015

The theme this year was the Great Gatsby (Gold, Silver and Black). Cullivoe and Burravoe schools joined us too and everyone looked fantastic.

S1 S2S3S4

Singing at the Care Centre

Our Primary pupils went down to the Care Centre to sing some Christmas songs to the residents there.

Care Centre

Annual Senior Citizens Dinner

The annual senior citizens dinner took place on Tuesday 8th December in the school. There was a christmas concert with lots of different items and then a wonderful meal cooked by our brilliant kitchen staff. A big thank you to everyone involved in making it such a success. We have had many positive comments about both the performance and attitude of our pupils, we are very proud of all of them.

Serving dinnerEveryone enjoying their dinner Lower PrimaryS1 S1 2The FiddlersUpper PrimarySchool choir - staff and pupils

Carol Singing at Sellaness

Congratulations to all our carol singers who went to Sellaness last night (8th Dec), they raised £1002.66 with their beautiful voices.

Carol singing at SellanessCarol SingersMore Carol singersHaving their dinner at Sellaness.

Surprise Pudsey Visit for Mid Yell JHS.

Mid Yell Junior High School held Children in Need last Friday (20th Nov), a week later than planned due to the school closure. The staff and pupils put in a brilliant effort by dressing in their pyjamas and bringing a teddy bear with them to school. They were delighted to receive a surprise visit from Pudsey Bear who had a bit of free time after his busiest week of the year. All involved deserve a huge well done as the school raised £218.47 for the charity! A big thank you to Charlie Inkster for the wonderful photos.


Pudsey visits our Nursery Pudsey likes to see our paintings Hugs for Pudsey
Eagerly awaiting Pudsey Pudsey arrives!!! Pudsey and Primary
Pudsey and the whole school Pudsey and the canteen staff A quick visit to the science room.


Skills Development Scotland


Skills  Development Scotland Career Coach Scott Summers will be delivering a range of services to pupils in Mid Yell Junior High School this year. Group work sessions will be delivered to all pupils in S4 with a focus on developing lifelong Career Management Skills – the skills pupils can develop which will help with their own career management after their school career and throughout their lives. In the coming months SDS will be working closely with schools to arrange input with younger age groups from P7/S1 through to S3.

Within the Career Management Skills group work sessions, pupil will participate in interactive activities, aligned to Curriculum for Excellence, and focusing on four areas:


Self – knowing who you are – how pupils can understand and reflect on who they are and what they can do, knowing what’s right for them, reflecting on life, work and learning and thinking about their likes/ dislikes, interests and motivations.


Strengths – knowing what you are good at – relates to the understanding of skills, knowledge and experience, with pupils reflecting on what they are good at, considering transeferrable skills and evidencing strengths through examples.

Horizons – knowing what is out there – where pupils think about the options and routes available after school and in the longterm throughout their lives, how to make decisions and access opportunities in employment, education and training.

Networks – knowing who can help you – understanding who can help, who pupils can source advice from, who can help with decisions – such as teachers, Pupil Support, Career Coach, employers, training providers, representatives from colleges/universities, family, friends and other contacts.

Pupils can access Skills Development Scotland’s online careers information and advice service My World of Work which offers a range of self-help tools and can provide useful articles and video clips. Pupils can access the help they need for the career they want by accessing a range of resources including:

Parents and guardians are also reminded that there is a Parent Zone, with lots of useful information on how to support their child -

SDS team and schools staff are currently working together to organise a Learning Through Work event. Taking place for a second year, this event offers an opportunity for pupils to meet with local employers and training providers and find out more information about Modern Apprenticeships and vocational options.

The SDS team has recently launched a local SDS Shetland page on Facebook which has lots of useful information and regular updates relevant to pupils and parents and teachers. By ‘liking’ our page, individuals can access information and also contact the team directly with queries and to arrange an appointment.


Pupils can also access one-to-one career coaching sessions, to explore options, get help with employability, discuss ideas, set actions and develop their Career Management Skills in school throughout the year. Career Coach Scott Summers, will be attending Parents Evening and also drop-in sessions and other pupil activities and events through-out the school year.

Pupils and parents are also encouraged to access Skills Development Scotland services throughout holidays by visiting the Skills Development Scotland centre in Charlotte House, Lerwick.

Appointments with Career Coach can be arranged by:


Telephone: 01595 695791

Pupils can also make appointments by speaking to their Pupil Support Teacher.

SDS  Scott Summers, Career Coach, Skills Development Scotland


Upper Primary Bowls Competition

On Thursday 26th March some of our Upper Primary pupils (Georgia, Olivia, Kieran and Dean) took part in the Shetland Schools Bowls Competition at Clickimin. They competed against many schools from around Shetland and managed to get to the final against Whitness. They were in the lead up to the last end but narrowly missed out. The final score was 6-4. They all represented Mid Yell School brilliantly!

Bowls Bowls
Bowls bowls


Solar Eclipse

On Friday 20th March the cloud broke briefly just as school began (at the start of the eclipse) and again when it was nearly over, just before 11.00 am. Pupils were able to view the eclipse safely using solar viewers. There was also a live feed from a big solar telescope in Derbyshire put on the tv in reception.
Chris Leigh (the visiting astronomer from the National Schools Observatory and Liverpool John Moore's University) said "I've just about recovered from my whistle stop tour of Yell and had a great time thanks. I'm glad the kids enjoyed the talk, and very relieved that we got to see the Sun during eclipse. Made it all worthwhile."

The last near total eclipse visible in Shetland was before most of the pupils were born and the next one will be in 2026.

Secondary 1 and 2 pupils will have the opportunity to book the 2m telescope on La Palma in the Canaries to take a photograph they request.

Eclipse Eclipse


Staying Safe on the Internet

Last week all pupls were given out 2 versions of the "How to Stay Safe on the Internet" leaflets. One was filled with information for pupils to read and the other had information for parents. Please see below links to each of the leaflets.

Staying safe on the Internet - Parents

Staying Safe on the Internet - Pupils

School Dance 2014

Our Secondary 4 pupils organised our annual School Dance. This years theme was "Winter Wonderland". Pupils and staff all had a fantastic afternoon and huge congratulations must go out to our S4 class for their excellent organisation skills.

School Dance School Dance School Dance
School Dance School Dance
School Dance School Dance


Staff Vs Pupils Basketball Match

On Wednesday 8th October our Young Ambassadors (Michael Thomson and Brydon Smith) organised a team of S3 and S4 pupils to take on the staff at a game of Basketball. There was some brilliant game play from both staff and pupils. It proved to be fantastic opportunity for pupils to showcase the basketball skills and knowledge that they have learned over the past term. In the end, the staff managed to pull ahead and won by a narrow margin. The two boys also managed to raise £76.74 for the PE department by selling raffle tickets for a half court money shot!

Basketball Basketball Basketball

Old Haa Exhibition

We were delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit our pupils’ work at the Old Haa. We displayed art work from every child from Primary 1 to Secondary 2 as well work in progress from our S3 group. In amongst the colourful display were examples of technical design as well as French project work. Pupils were very excited and pleased to show off their work to the public. We also included some 3D items which were placed in the cabinet. We hope you enjoyed it!

Past Years Whole School Successes

La Réunion

S1 with Freya Hannay and Margo Mouat in P7 have started communicating with a group of first year pupils from a secondary school called “Collège Le Dimitile” on the island of La Réunion. The group “Deux îles” is using the eTwinning website to get to know each other. Our pupils first task was to write descriptions of themselves in French and post a photo of themselves on their Twinspace for the French pupils to guess “Who is Who ?” in Mid Yell. Pupils in La Réunion did the same in English.




Shetlands Got Talent

Huge congratulations must go to Lauren Johnson and Megan Nisbet for winning ‘Shetland’s Got Talent’ held in Mareel on the 19th April. They sang ‘Darlin’ by Madison Violet.



Music Festival

The annual Music Festival was held in March. Our school did extremely well gaining the Primary 1-3 Choir’s cup for the Mid Yell Minis. They performed ‘Slap Clap’ and ‘Move to the Music’. Our Upper Primary choir also performed their version of ‘The Cup Song’. Both choirs worked extremely hard and this showed on the day. Well done to everyone involved!


Music Festival
Music Festival
Music Festival Music Festival


Christmas School Dance

On Thursday 19th December our Secondary 4 pupils hosted our annual Christmas school dance. They all worked hard to organise a fun filled afternoon that was enjoyed by pupils and staff.

School Dance
School Dance School Dance
School Dance
School Dance School Dance
School Dance
School ance School Dance


Our Secondary 2 pupils have made these fantastic Christmas Cakes in Home Economics this term.

Cakes Cakes Cakes


Visit from Dr Pauline Gagnon

Dr Pauline Gagnon from CERN visited the school on Friday 29th November 2013 to give a talk on the search for the Higg’s Boson.

DR Gagnon
Dr Gagnon

UHI Students Visit

On Friday 29th November Margaret Scollay,Ryan Couper and a group of 12 students from around the Highlands and Islands came to visit the school to work with pupils as part of a workshop for the UHI BA Applied Music Course. This gave pupils the opportunity to learn some new tunes and to perform for our visitors. Later on that evening the students and the Mirrie Dancers performed at a Twilight Concert where they showcased their musical talent for the community. Our S4 pupils also took this opportunity to organise a raffle and provide tea and coffee to raise funds for the school dance.

Twilight Concert Twilight Concert Twilight Concert
Twilight Concert Twilight Concert Twilight Concert


Racketball Competition

Active Schools and Shetland Recreational Trust organised a Racketball competition on Saturday 13th April. Reuben, Olivia and Margo attended the event which was organised to a celebrate the 6 week introductory to racketball programme completed across the SRT leisure centres. Nine players took part and were given the chance to participate in various skill and team tests followed by a mini competition of 36 matches. In the skills section Yell finished on top with Reuben winning the keepy up challenge with very impressive double century and Reuben and Olivia winning the rallying challenge with some focused rallying. The Yell team came 2nd overall, missing out narrowly to the Clickimin team.

A big well done to all pupils involved!



Chief Executive visits Mid Yell Junior High School

On 27th February 2013, Mark Boden, Chief Executive of Shetland Islands Council came to Mid Yell JHS to speak to pupils.  Pupils in Primary 7 and Secondary 1 prepared a variety of questions to ask him.  The pupils were well informed about things happening in their community and asked a variety of questions relating to Council matters.  Pupils also asked him if was enjoying his job and if he liked staying in Shetland.  It was a great opportunity for our pupils to learn more about the workings of Shetland Islands Council and the important role played by the Chief Executive. The pupils all appreciated the fact that Mark had taken time out from his busy schedule to come and spend time with them.


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