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Welcome to the Parent Council section of the web site!



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There are currently 12 parents who have volunteered to be on the Parent Council.

Our meetings are also attended by Mark Lawson as Head teacher, and sometimes by one of the local councillors.

We  meet at the school at least once a term, usually more often than that. These are public meetings and parents are welcome to attend as observers.

Minutes of meetings are approved at the next meeting. If there is quite a long spell between meetings we try to approve them sooner via e-mail.  There is a Parent Council notice board on the left hand side as you enter the school through the main door. A copy of the minutes, once approved, is pinned there. Copies are posted on this website. You can request your own copy from the school office if you wish, or from the Clerk, Michelle Morris.

Parent Council meetings dates and minutes will be placed on the notice-board and this website when available.

If any parent has an issue they wish to raise with the Parent Council, please feel free to contact any of the Parent Council members. If we cannot help with your query we will try our best to put you in touch with someone who can.


More about the Parent Council and what it does

In 2007 a new law known as the Parental Involvement Act was introduced, and School Boards were replaced by Parent Councils. Each school was encouraged to decide what form they wanted their Parent Council to take.

You can read more about the Parental Involvement Act, and see a copy of our constitution and how it was drawn up, by following the links below.


Parental Involvement Act


The Parent/Teacher Association (PTA)

At this school, it was decided that the PTA would continue to remain separate from the parent council, as was the case at the time of School Boards. However, a member of the PTA will always be on the Parent Council so that close links can be maintained. Currently there are in fact two members of the PTA on the Parent Council.

The PTA is mainly involved in fund-raising and in helping with catering at school events.


The winners of the 100 club draw for October 2017 are:-

1st Prize of £25 is ALEXA COUTTS

2nd Prize of £15 is ROSS PRIEST

3rd Prize of £10 is DAVID JOHNSON


The winners of the 100 club draw for September 2017 are:-

1st Prize of £25 is STEPHEN SAUNDERS

2nd Prize of £15 is KAREN MALONE

3rd Prize of £10 is MICHELLE MORRIS


The winners of the 100 club draw for August 2017 are:-

1st Prize of £25 is KEVIN TULLOCH

2nd Prize of £15 is MANDY JOHNSON

3rd Prize of £10 is BRIAN SMITH



Public meeting 11th Nov 13 -

Thank you to all who gave donations on the evening, we have a total of £246.80. Money raised from the sale of "100 club" numbers will also be going to this fund. Please get your numbers from Michelle Morris (Parent Council Clerk) at the school or any Parent Council member.

Public meetingPublic meeting 2

Summary of options

Notes from the meeting

Questions and responses -

How will businesses be affected by the bairns being in Lerwick?

What does family life mean to you?

What will the community miss whilst they are in Lerwick?

What will your child miss whilst they are in Lerwick?

What worries you about the recommendations?

Have you any ideas of how to fight this?

What do you think to S1/S2 being taught by upskilled primary teachers?

Any other comments?

Statement from the Chair of the Mid Yell JHS Pupil Council.




What is the Blueprint for Education?

Option2-Blueprint for Education- The Hub

Curriculum for Excellence-Parents as partners

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